Admin of the Month: Nacho Hanacek

Every month we try to put forward and present members of our worldwide community. But without our admis or "Local Community leaders", the Classic Riders would not be existing. Thanks to the passion of our leaders, their dedication and the time they spend, they make our local motorcycle communities unique.

We are excited to spend some time today with our good friend Nacho, admin of the Buenos Aires Classic Riders, one of the 5 cities we have in Central/South America with Belo Horizonte - Brazil, Quito - Ecuador, Bogota - Colombia and San Jose - Costa Rica. Nacho was kind enough to share a little bit about his life and passion through a few questions that we asked him ! Don't forget to follow his insane Instagram account here ! Dominique Dutronc


Buenos Aires Classic Riders


 Buenos Aires Classic Riders


Dominique Dutronc: Nacho, can you introduce yourself, where are you from, where do you live and what do you ride ?

Nacho: Hi, I'm Nacho Hanacek, the leader of Buenos Aires Classic Riders. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires 50 years ago. 

  Buenos Aires Classic Riders

 Buenos Aires Classic Riders


Dom: Can you tell me why you ride a Motorcycle ? When did you start ? 

Nacho: I started riding motorcycles at 16 years old, my first bike was a Yamaha mini trail gt 80 and the sensation of speed I felt was incredible.

Driving a car at 80 km per hour was not the same as riding a motorcycle at 80 km per hour ... you feel more speed and it is exciting.

 Buenos Aires Classic Riders


Buenos Aires Classic Riders


Dom: Why do you think communities are important, especially in the motorcycle world ?

Nacho: I think that communities are very important in the world of motorcycles. Every day more people dare to ride motorcycles around the world. In many cases these people are already adults who never dared to buy a motorcycle for fear of accidents or maybe because his parents had forbidden it.

By reaching out to the communities they have the opportunity to meet people like them and connect with others who already have more experience behind the handlebars. Sharing travel experiences is another main reason and finding new friends, they are also good reasons to join a community, since much friendlier codes are handled than if they were to join an MC.


Buenos Aires Classic Riders


Dom: Tell us a bit more about the current pandemic in Argentina and how people deal with that ?

Nacho: The pandemic has shown us the friendliest side of belonging to a global motorcycle community ... During the first months we had to keep the bikes in the garage and use online purchases to modify and maintain them.

While news came to us from Europe and the US here in the Southern Hemisphere we knew that we were going to have the same situation here.Our first encounter with social distance and facial mask was in September when the local authorities allowed us to go out and ride a motorcycle, short trips of no more than 40 km away. Then restrictions were suspended and we were able to meet in greater numbers and we were able to travel further.

Today and with the second wave around the corner the future is uncertain.


Buenos Aires Classic Riders


Dom: Can you tell us what is the best motorcycle trip you did and the next big one you are planning ?

Nacho: Traveling long distances by motorcycle is not for everyone. You have to know yourself, your limits and skills.

I did my best motorcycle trip when I was 18 years old with a Kawasaki GTO 110cc from Buenos Aires to Bariloche ... 3500 km roundtrip I slept in a small tent and a sleeping bag ... it was a small motorcycle but for me it was the More powerful, I did 150km sprints and let the small air-cooled two-stroke engine rest.

When the pandemic ends I would like to go with friends to visit Nepal and India ... buy a Royal Enfield Himalayan and take 2 months to enjoy one of the most incredible landscapes in the world on a motorcycle 

  Buenos Aires Classic Riders


Thanks Nacho for everything you do for the community. I hope for better days to come and I am sure that our Argentinian community will growth stronger every day ! Dom


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