The Bogota Classic Riders were founded in September 2018. The community is based in Bogota and has an exponential number of members. The group meets regularly during week ends for local rides but also early in the morning for the Early Rides.  Follow them on Instagram and see the different pages for pics of the rides !

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The BCR is led by our friend Gabriel:

Hello everyone in the CR Community, below is a brief of myself. Welcome to my city!

I am a Political Scientist with Emphasis on Political Participation, currently studying for a Master’s degree in Analysis of Contemporary Political Problems. I have a keen interest in issues of Public Affairs, International Affairs, diplomacy and political culture as well as a broad and important management of cultural aspects, countercultural themes and related to popular culture.

I enjoy spending the free time riding in my bike not just for the daily commute even though it’s the best part of every day, training CrossFit and running and fancying some pints at the Irish Pub!

I ride a Harley Davidson XL1200NS, 2019 model called Ramona, due to my likes in punk rock. But before Ramona I used to ride my first two wheel love, I called her my Fiancée, a Royal Enfield Continental GT, model 2016.

Bogotá motorcycle scene is growing fast, the dealership of brands such as Harley Davidson, Ducati, BMW, Triumph, Royal Enfield and nowadays even Indian Motorcycles have boosted the riding community from the conveyance to different associations of riders and multiple riding plans or activities thanks to the climate, landscapes and wonderful routes our country offers to enjoy the weekends out of the city.

Also there are garages and local custom brands that have started to encourage the customization and motorcycle culture around the country, which has been a perfect place to meet and share this passion.

BCR is the first multi brand of free riders community, expecting to grow as it has done in other countries to respect the culture and easy ride of the Classic Riders..





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