The Barcelona Classic Riders were founded in October 2018. The Spanish community is the second largest city in the country and has an exponential number of members. The group meets regularly during week ends for local rides but also early in the morning for the Early Rides

The BCR is led by our friend Philip Perkins. Philip was born in Bolivia to an English father and Peruvian mother. His parents met in Lapaz while my father was working in Bolivia in the 70s, after he was born we returned to the UK and I was raised in Leicestershire.

Philip left the UK on completing university, almost 20 yrs ago, and has travelled and lived in many countries. He spent the largest proportion of that time in Paris but discovered Barcelona in 2012 when he lived there for 9 months and always wanted to settle here.

He always dreamed of doing something professionally that he was really passionate about and working with his biggest passion, motorcycles, was something that he studied carefully over the last couple of years. Philip started Retro Rides just a few months ago, a motorcycle renting business.
A little more about the motorcycle scene in Barcelona:
Barcelona is a fantastic place for riding. As with most big cities, the city itself is very busy and traffic can be heavy, but the wonderful thing with Barcelona is that you can be outside of the city within 20 minutes, this is where you can really enjoy riding. Within 1 hour you can visit either; Montseny, Montserrat, Sant Llorenc del munt, and ride up the coast towards the Costa Brava. For longer trips, a night away or for a weekend, we have the Pyrenees or Cadaques, there is also a whole area towards Tarragona that I haven't started to explore yet.
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Barcelona Classic Riders

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