The Madrid Classic Riders were founded in February 2019. The Spanish community is the largest city in the country and has an exponential number of members. The group meets regularly during week ends for local rides but also early in the morning for the Early Rides.  Follow them on Instagram and see the different pages for pics of the rides !

To join the Madrid Classic Riders, follow the link to our Facebook group HERE

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The MADCR is led by our friend Thierry


Thierry Tronquit Prats, founder of Madrid Classic Riders.  

I have been traveling the world since a very young age; half French half Spanish, to date I’ve lived in 5 countries and 9 cities. 

Motor oil runs through my veins and the world of the two wheels is my natural habitat. 

It all started when I was in my teens, living in Madrid. As soon as I managed to save enough money through my summer jobs, I bought a black Vespino ALX 50cc (a mobylette by Piaggio). I drove it home and immediately changed the exhaust, carburetor, spark plugs and took off all the stickers. 

There you go, I had my very own custom mobylette! My passion was ignited…

Several years later, when I was living in NYC, I roamed the streets on an original 1992 Kawasaki GPZ 600R Ninja 4 cylinder full black. Cool looking bike with its 75hp.

I then moved to Paris in 2012 and discovered the custom scene. I immediately fell in love with it and bought a 2013 Triumph Bonneville T100 that I started customizing as soon as it entered my garage. 

In 2015, to follow my passion for the custom scene, I travelled across Europe on a HD Street Glide 1700cc interviewing builders. 

6 countries. 6 custom festivals. 20 builders. 15.000km. An amazing experience that lasted 2 months.

Back in Madrid since 2017, I now ride a full black customized 2016 BMW RnineT. 

It’s the perfect everyday ride and optimal on Spanish secondary roads as well, with their breathtaking sceneries and curvy roads. 

We’ve formed a very passionate riding community here that has become my family and it’s growing day by day thanks the Madrid Classic Riders.

Life is good ‘cause we all have the same passion: la pasión por la moto! 

Godspeed and long live the Classic Riders!















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