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The New York Classic Riders were founded in May 2013. The community is based in New York City and has an exponential number of members. The group meets regularly during week ends for local rides but also early in the morning for the Early Rides.  Follow them on Instagram and see the different pages for pics of the rides !

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The NYCR community together with the Classic Riders Community has been founded and is led by Dom.

In 2012, Dom left his hometown of Paris, France and moved to New York City. Passionate about motorcycles since he was a kid, he had dreamt about riding along the famous Route 66.  He decided to get his US motorcycle license and within days was the proud owner of a 2013 Triumph Bonneville. Knowing the best part of riding was hanging with friends, he decided to create a group so these friends would have a platform to share all things motorcycle but most importantly it would inform them of upcoming rides.

What started off as a cluster of “Frenchies” has, four years later morphed into an internationally diverse group of riders closing in on 1400 members from over 46 nations! The majority of which are based in the NYC area.





Today, the community is managed by 4 amazing people, Hatim, Mike, David, Vincent and Steve, all passionate about moto and doing so much for the New York community !
















The community gathering :









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