Admin of the month: Thierry Tronquit Prats

Every month we try to put forward and present members of our worldwide community. But without our admis or "Local Community leaders", the Classic Riders would not be existing. Thanks to the passion of our leaders, their dedication and the time they spend, they make our local motorcycle communities unique.

We are excited to spend some time today with our good friend Thierry, admin of the Madrid Classic Riders, one of the 2 cities we have in Spain with Barcelona. Thierry was kind enough to share a little bit about his life and passion through a few questions that we asked him ! Don't forget to follow his insane Instagram account here


Admin of the month: Thierry Tronquit Prats


Question 1: Thierry, please introduce yourself a little bit, where are you from, where do you live and what do you ride ? I know you are a world traveler.
I am half French (dad from Paris) and half Spanish (mom from Madrid) with an International background. I have lived my life between the USA (Miami & NYC) and Europe (Madrid, Bordeaux, Milan, Paris, Reims & Amsterdam) working on the international side of the wine and spirit industry which has also allowed me to travel the world.
I have been living in Madrid since 2017 with my Italian wife living my life at the fullest and doing what makes me happy! I now work in the motorcycle industry riding motorcycles, creating content and sharing my passion!
My daily ride is a 2017 BMW R9T which I have modified to my taste making it a unique ride. However, I have decided to go to the dark side and have ordered a R1250GS Triple Black. I want to travel further looking for more extreme adventures.
Admin of the month: Thierry Tronquit Prats
Question 2: Can you tell me why you ride ? When did you start ?
I started riding a mobylette when I was a kid in Madrid. We were a bunch of friends with the same ride and our pass time was to modify them making them cooler, quicker and noisier!
During my studies, I put the two wheels aside but as soon as I moved back to NYC and started working, I bought a 1980s Kawasaki GPZ 750R Ninja and kept it in its original state. 
Then, when I moved back to Europe, I got hooked with the whole cafe racer trend and offered myself a Triumph T100 which I completely modified. 
At that point, I started doing collaborations with different brands and traveling around Europe. 
Why do I ride? 
For me, riding represents freedom, living the moment at its fullest and taking it all in!
Becoming one with the bike is also an amazing sensation. You live and feel the road. You're in touch with your surroundings making the ride a unique experience.
Riding also makes you feel good. When I have a bad day, I suit up and ride my bike with no real destination. Just enjoying the moment on my own. 
I also like the fact that you get to meet so many people with different backgrounds  but always with the same passion. 
I also love the feeling I get when I know that I am going on a ride out with my friends or on a road trip on my own. It makes you feel good!
Riding alone is cool. Riding in a small group where we all know each other is even better.
Admin of the month: Thierry Tronquit Prats
Question 3: Why do you think communities are important, especially in the motorcycle world ?
There is a huge community in the motorcycle scene. I remember once I picked up a demo bike at one of the dealers with very little gas, basically nothing. I got on the highway and 2km further, the bike ran out of gas and I found myself stranded on the highway. 
I started pushing the bike on the side road when suddenly, a commercial truck stopped in front of me and asked me if I needed any help. I explained him the situation and luckily enough, the driver was a rider as well. The guy put the bike in the back of his truck and took me to a gas station. 
Now that is an amazing feeling of community. We as bikers are all linked to each other, we all feel part of a community with one passion: to ride and support each other.
If a rider is stranded on the road, there will always be another rider that will stop and help.
Riders also support many good causes and charities. Its in our DNA! 
We think as a community. You will rarely find that in the automobile industry.
Admin of the month: Thierry Tronquit Prats
Question 4: Tell us a bit more about your motorcycle passion ! I understand you are involved in many moto projects ?
I’ve always been passionate about motorcycles since a very young age and have been trying for several years to make a living out of it.
The first time I tried was in Amsterdam in 2015. I set up my company specialised in motorcycle events as well as brand building. I did that for a couple of years but the numbers didn’t work out so I decided to go back into the liquor business.
I tried again in 2020 during the COVID crisis. I realised during that time that my main objective was quality of life but also happiness in what I do.
So I gave it another try and built a solid business plan specialised in online strategy and creating content. At the same time, I started master degree in online marketing and social media.
I am know fully dedicated to the motorcycle world and work with several key accounts. I am developing MotoShare in Spain, a Dutch online motorcycle rental platform which is all about collaborative economy. I also work with Indian Motorcycles Spain, BMW Motorrad Spain, ByCity (a Spanish motorcycle apparel company) and Ruralka On Road (a Spanish online platform for motorcycle friendly tourism) where I create content for their social media channels.  I am also an editor for BikeBrewers, a Dutch online platform specialised in custom bikes from around the world. We write about builders and their bikes and anything cool motorcycle related!
I am also working on a secret project with a couple of good friends. I can’t say much however it will be a hardcover book talking about bikes!
And of course, I manage Madrid Classic Riders where we are a small community but growing day by day. We organise weekend trips every 3 months and ride as much as we can! No bullshit, no pictures, just ‘dandole gas’ as we say in Spain. Full throttle!
Admin of the month: Thierry Tronquit Prats
Question 5: What is the best motorcycle trip you did ?
I’ve done many motorcycle trips though the years and all of them have been super cool.
However, the best trip I did was in 2016 on a HD Street Glide. During 2 months (June & July), I travelled on my own through Europe (6 countries) interviewing the best builders and going to motorcycle events. I rode over 20k only taking secondary roads and sleeping where I could when I could. I drove through deserts, coastlines, back roads... I broke down in the Alpes in the middle of nowhere. I fixed the problem on my own and could reach an HD garage to get it sorted out by a professional. It was truly an amazing experience! I could have continued for months and months.
I really recommend all riders to do a trip on their own at least once in their lifetime.
Another amazing trip took place during June 2020 on my R9T with a very good friend of mine called Manu who also owns a R9T and rides like a god. We travelled from Madrid to the Pyrenees and spent one week riding through the mountains. Amazing roads, amazing curves, amazing scenarios and amazing times with my dear friend.   
I'm now thinking about travelling through Africa with my BMW R1250GS … Keep you guys posted!
Admin of the month: Thierry Tronquit Prats
Godspeed my dear Dominique ! Looking forward in continuing to develop the Classic Rider community ! Sharing the oily love with all of you !
My motto: ride hard or stay home!
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