SAVIC Motorcycles x Classic Riders

SAVIC Motorcycles x New York Classic Riders


SAVIC Motorcycles x New York Classic Riders  

The industry of electric mobility is today booming. There is not one day where you don't hear about cars, scooters but also motorcycles going full electric ! In this area many new projects are seeing light among which SAVIC Motorcycles. The Melbourne Classic Riders will be lucky enough to see the first model on the road soon ! In the meantime, I had the pleasure to spend a bit of time with my friend Dennis Savic, CEO and Founder of SAVIC. He was kind enough to give us a little more info about himself, his vision and his project ! Enjoy the reading. Dominique Dutronc 


SAVIC Motorcycle x New York Classic Riders 

Dominique Dutronc: Dennis, can you introduce yourself, where are you from, where do you live, and what do you ride?

Dennis: My name’s Dennis Savic, I live and work in Melbourne, Australia, and at the moment I don’t ride anything as I pulled apart my last daily bike to build one of our early prototypes and said to myself I’m not buying another until we have a production Savic.


SAVIC Motorcycles x New York Classic Riders


Dom: Can you tell me why you ride a motorcycle? When did you start?

Dennis: I ride motorcycles for two reasons: 1) they’re great fun, and 2) they can be a very affordable mode of transport. I started riding when I was about 19. I wanted to build an electric motorcycle as a part of my final year thesis for my Bachelor degree, so I bought a bike to reverse engineer it. My mum couldn’t stop me buying a motorcycle if it was for academic reasons. A cunning strategy indeed!


SAVIC Motorcycles x New York Classic Riders


Dom: Why do you think communities are important, especially in the motorcycle world?

Dennis: I think communities are important in all areas of life. They give people a sense of security, belonging, and acceptance. Lord knows that all us motorcycle riders are a little crazy, so it’s probably important that we feel accepted and belong somewhere!


SAVIC Motorcycles x New York Classic Riders


Dom: Tell us a bit more about your current project, Savic Motorcycles. How did you come to the idea? What is the current status?

Dennis: Savic Motorcycles was formed immediately after finishing my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve known from a very young age that I wanted to build an automotive business, and I loved motorcycles, so why not electric motorcycles! Turns out I got a little lucky with the market I chose to focus on and the timeliness of the journey with respect to the adoption of electric technologies.


SAVIC Motorcycles x New York Classic Riders


Dom: Why do you think electric mobility is the future? How do you see the world in 20 years’ time?

Dennis: I certainly think that electric mobility is the future, and I think almost everyone knows it now too. I believe that in 20 years, probably 30-50% of all cars on the road will be autonomous cars, plus there’ll be a lot of car and ride sharing. I think a large proportion of the motorcycle market will be electric be then, with ICE motorcycles rapidly becoming an antique way to ride. Don’t get me wrong, I love ICE technologies too, I’m somewhat of a rev head, and I’ll probably always own a classic bike for Sunday rides. Why is electric the future? The performance of electric propulsion technology is undeniable, as is future government legislation, which is coming in already, and the desire to build a sustainable and renewable transport ecosystem. You can’t generate petrol from a solar panel, but you can charge your bike or car !


SAVIC Motorcycles x New York Classic Riders


Thanks Dennis for your time going through my interview but moreover your passion and vision. We will definitely keep an eye on the SAVIC project and will update the community with its latest developments ! Obviously, an event will be organized with the Melbourne Classic Riders in due time to celebrate the official launch of the first model ! 

In the meantime, you can visit SAVIC website here and follow their cool Instagram here. You can also see cool videos here and their LinkedIn page here 

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